Over 50′s Whole of Life Insurance


What is whole of life insurance?

Whole of life insurance covers the life of the insured person so long as they pay their monthly premiums.

Get an affordable Whole of Life insurance Quote

50 and Over Life Insurance searches a panel of leading insurers on your behalf to find you the very best life insurance deals for your needs, saving you time and a lot of hassle.

Benefits and Features

  • Guaranteed monthly premiums available, meaning you can budged more effectively
  • There are no complicated forms for you to fill in
  • You can get cover from just £5 per month (depending on your circumstances)

50 and over Life Insurance offers you a free life insurance comparison service with no obligation to buy.

Why bother with Whole of Life Insurance?

If you’re between 50 and 80 years of age it’s very easy to think that life is probably a little bit more certain.  Perhaps the children have left home and you have paid off your mortgage?  However, what will happen when you are no longer around?

Whole of Life Insurance can offer a financial blanket for your loved ones or partner should you die, but helping with things like funeral expenses.

Getting Whole of Life Insurance cover can help you get peace of mind now, while helping your family in the future when you’re no longer around.